Our Beers

Our Alsteadder Ale is a very easy drinking ale named after the town the brewery resides in. Tim Roettiger, owner/brewer at Belgian Mare Brewery, dedicated this brew to the folks of the town that helped him throughout the process of opening. He believes in keeping it simple and this beer is an example of his thinking. It is not overly complex, but just a great ale to relax with and contemplate the day.

The golden haze of Alsteadder Ale lets the imbiber know they are in for a treat. At 4.2% ABV it is not overpowering by any means but has a smooth drinkability that will keep you coming back. A clean white head can be seen on an uninhibited pour into a pint glass with great retention. At first sip, there is a distinct balance that occurs between malt and Hersbrucker hops. The end notes are a bit citrusy. It rewards with clean and slightly malty mouthfeel.

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The Brewer

 Tim Roettiger, "Bottle conditioning involves less control and more art."

Tim Roettiger, "Bottle conditioning involves less control and more art."

Tim Roettiger, owner/brewer of Belgian Mare Brewery, named his brewery after the Belgian mare, Aggie, that can be seen outside his home in East Alstead, New Hampshire.

The basis for the design of Roettiger’s brewery is a gravity-fed process that goes back to Medieval tower breweries. Roettiger said, “Belgian Mare is a very traditional bottle-conditioned beer, which is new to most people. Bottle conditioning involves less control and more art. The last fermentation happens inside the bottle, which provides carbonation and the last bit of flavor.”

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The Brewhouse

East Alstead's first brewery is quite possibly the only off-grid commercial brewery in the United States.

Living on a historical farm in Cheshire county of southwest NH, Tim uses a wood fired oven to cook his brews “the old fashion way.” He has been perfecting his recipes for almost a decade in preparation to launching his 3-barrel brewery.

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