Video Blogs

Tim from the Belgian Mare Brewery in sunny East Alstead, New Hampshire, takes you through a video tasting of several of his more popular beers.


A real classic Pale Ale.
(March 19, 2015)

Our most popular beer! Our Pale Ale is more of a traditional British Pale Ale. Has a Goldings hops, crystal malt, and makes for a very smooth, easy drinking kind of beer. Anyone can enjoy it and goes  with any type of food out there.

Right off you catch that little bit of fruity aroma from the traditional yeast, then the warm spicy character of the Goldings hop. 

Video tasting review of Hemlock Stout
(March 6, 2015)

Enjoy this video tasting review of the first beer Belgian Mare Brewery produced — Hemlock Stout.

Alsteadder Ale, best served at 55 degrees
(March 6, 2015)

Along the lines of a British mile ale, Alsteadder Ale, is named after our own town. A nice golden ale with a little bit of a white head on top. Very tasty and at the same time very smooth.